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Oscar Vital Max


Welcome to Golden Grain Mills helping you turn Australian grains into nourishing

natural meals for the Aussies .

_Fresh and alive Grains,they are natures vitamin capsule , by milling whole fresh grains just before use there is no nutritional goodness loss,they give you body strength, taste this freshness by milling your own grains at home,with one of the grain mills listed here.you will save money and your Health.

_Our juicing mills are fabulous for turning fruit and vegetables, into a enriching juice,that is absorbed into the _body in a matter of minutes,nothing else has this capacity,to restore and renew your health.

All Prices of Products are for Australian customers,Overseas customers email for Delivery charge

--Whisper Grain Mill----$395.00 Special Sale Price nnnnn-----

----Revolutionary Microburst® Technology Handy Countertop design, Simple to use, Easy to clean. Lifetime Warranty Whisper Quiet The Whisper Mill is the result of thousands of hours of research and years of constant testing. It is in-tune with today. Now you can enjoy the great taste of natural, whole grain flour any time. It's always ready in an instant. The new Whisper Mill is compact, powerful, and built to last for years to come. Includes 4kg of organic wheat.


A group of complex proteins produced by living cells and acting as a catalysts in biochemical reactions.Wheat has phosphorus enzymes and they are full of life,When the grain is milled these enzymes are released, they need moisture and it takes seven hours- for them to react with the calcium in the flour,there is a ratio of ten of calcium to four of phosphorous ,this is the same ratio that our bodies need .We recommend that bread makers set their bread machines for the 8 hour or more for the cooking cycle .This biochemical reaction will keep you body in tune.

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The New Survival Ark Grain Mill

$T B A To Purchase follow link below.



We are Passionate, to see you enjoy all the benefits of whole grains at home, such a readily available product should be enjoyed by all and can be enjoyed by all.Organic Bulk grains are easily stored in your pantry in the 25kg bag they come in.

We supply ... electric and manual.....stone ground ....metal burr mills....and whole grains to suit....also electric and manual juice machines for the family's of the nation .


Thirty years of research has shown that most chronic diseases in first world nations are nutrition related

.Almost 40% of the calories we consume come from highly processed convenience or junk foods which are rich in fat, refined sugar and salt.

As the body processes certain junk foods important nutrients are lost.

Mothers, for your young children.

"Instead of offering the children rolled oat porridge or packaged cereal, the choice that our children were presented with each morning now included - cracked wheat porridge with golden syrup and cream, barley porridge with sultanas, rye porridge with raisins and rice porridge made with milk, honey and cinnamon.

I would grind the grain of choice freshly each morning. At one time I was supplying a mother of triplets with freshly ground rice porridge. She believes that rice is the easiest cereal for babies to digest.

She was keen to start her babies on the best solid foods she could procure. Primitive man lived on seeds and nuts, raw and untampered with. When the art of cultivation was acquired, grains became the staple food all over the world".by P.Gibson

(Full story of article on- What's New Page link)

"Remember he that has a merry heart has a continual feast".

Organic wheat

20kg bags $32.00 to purchase go to Contact Info Page. Contact Info


The Wheat Kernel : Can be turned into= Breads-Cakes-Pastar-Pizza-Pancakes-Popwheat-Sprouts-Stews-Cerial etc.

THE GERM.........is the part that will sprout and grow into a new wheat plant if the kernel is planted.Wheat germ oil is the greatest tonic known to man.

THE BRAN.........is made up of the outer layers of the wheat kernal.Bran is used in whole wheat flour.It is also used in breakfast cereals.

THE ENDOSPERM....is about 80% of the wheat kernal.It is used to make white flour ,but without the germ and bran present in white flour, it is lacking in the main parts of goodness of the kernel (great for makeing glue, white flour and water mixed together)

Known vitamins and minerals in a wheat kernel.

MINERALS: VITAMINS: Calcium Iodine Vitamin A Niacin Iron Fluorine Vitamin C Pantothenic Phosphorous Chlorine Thiamin B-1 acid Magnesium Sodium Riboflavin B-2 or G Inositol Potassium Silicon Pyridoxine B-6 Folic Acid Manganese Boron Biotin or H Choline Copper Barium Vitamin E Sulphur Silver and other trace elements.




Last Updated ,2014