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You can have your Grains Ground

and in the Bread Maker in 3 MINUTES FLAT!

Golden Grain Mills

Is in the business of bring whole fresh grains to the Australian Kitchen. Australia is the largest producer of wheat in the Southern hemisphere and they just keep getting better at doing this.

We desire to see you enjoy this wonderful product stored in your pantry ready .We have researched these mills thoroughly and they have proven to be reliable, robust strong and appealing.

Starting your day on natures goodness, that home milling will enable you to do,will have all the benefits of restoring your health and strength, this is guaranteed.

Money saving is enormous.



BURRS $67.00

To cook wheat. (very old receipt)

Soak one cup of wheat in three cups of water overnight,boil the wheat & soaking water than simmer gently in a heavy pot with a good fitting lid,cook as long as you like to produce a chewier or soft grain.Alternatively,cook the wheat in stock by sautéing onion and simmering in water.Serve the wheat with separately cooked vegetables etc.

FRUMENTY--was the traditional breakfast of the Roman legions & was eaten at harvest time.Soak wheat for several hours,before going to bed ,bring the wheat to the boil with a generous amount of water,add a handful of raisons fit a good lid and leave to bake in a very slow oven overnight.

Another wheaty breakfast can be made by cooking cracked or porridge wheat (coarsely-flaked wheat) overnight into porridge.

Cereal Creams--Roast whole grains in dry pan,stirring constantly,until they are uniformly browned & begin to pop,allow the grains to cool,then grind in a hand mill,to a fine powder.Mix well with water,bring to the boil stirring constantly,add salt & simmer for up to 30 minutes.

Creams made from roasted rice are especially delicious.


Tumba High country receipt.

Start with 1/2 cup fresh ground wheat, 1 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1 tdsp sugar, salt, 2 eggs,3cups milk,3 tbsp oil.

Thoroughly mix flour, baking powder and soda,sugar,salt. Add milk slowly to dry ingredients, until a nice batter is formed .Spoon into frying pan and sprinkle sprouts on top ,flip over and brown,serve with maple syrup.


BARLEY: Barley flour deliciously thickens your soups and sauces.


BEANS: No cholesterol! Bean flours make excellent dips and topping.



BRAN: Bran is used to make breakfast cereals, cakes and good for meatloaf mixtures.


CORN: Make fast and delicious corn meal for breads and muffins.



MILLET: Millet is a good substitute for rice. It is good in casseroles or as a cereal.



OATS: Oats are great for making biscuits, muesli, bread and porridge.


RICE: Rice flour is perfect for people with gluten intolerance's.


RYE: The Whole Grain Flour Mill helps you make your own rye bread.


SOYBEANS: Soy milk is a great alternative for those who are allergic to dairy products.


SPELT:Used the same way as wheat , substitute for people who have wheat allergies


SPLIT PEAS: Legume and vegetable flours, enhance all of your foods and homemade soups.

Wheat two Types.

WHEAT: Soft... Use freshly milled flour in all of your baking of cakes and biscuits.

:WHEAT: Hard ... For backing bread.


...Wheat is the staff of life...


Last Updated: 2010